My 25 - a place with your favorite shoes.

A dressing room, where you can find a perfect pair.

A mixture of classical beauty and outstanding look.

Each pair has its uniqueness, which emphasizes your individuality.

The brand was founded by a designer Katya Lysenko in 2016. It all started with the flats: gentle, strict, extravagant, restrained and daring. It’s so nice when the shoes go hand in hand with your mood!

We developed a universal and very comfortable shoe last. Just imagine – you can be on your feet all day long and not get tired!

My 25 – are 25 pairs of shoes. Each of them is favorite. Flats are always in stock along with extra seasonal models. Mules and slippers for warm weather, ankle boots when it gets colder. Only you decide.

They are your everyday look complement, evening dress culmination and professional style perfection.

Moreover, we will help you with footwear care. Bring your shoes to the showroom for maintenance and repairment.

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